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Special Lunch Combinations

Served from 11am to 3pm
Monday through Saturday
Served with Chicken Lo Mein
(No Substitutions, Please Order By letter.)


A. Chicken Wings (4) J. Beef with Broccoli
B. Bourbon Chicken K. Pepper Steak
C. Sweet & Sour Chicken L. Beef w/ String Beans
D. Honey Chicken M. Beef with Snow Peas
E. Sesame Chicken* N. Roast Pork w/Mixed Veg.
F. Orange Chicken* O. Pork in Garlic Sauce*
G. General Tso's Chicken* P. Buddah Delight
H. Kung Po Chicken* Q. Shrimp w/Mixed Veg.
I. Beef Szechuan* R. Shrimp w/Lobster Sauce

*Indicates Hot and Spicy - We can alter the spice level to your taste.

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